Sunday, September 29, 2013

29 Sep: Grey Beach Day

What do you get when you mix early morning light, a rainy grey day, and black dogs?

Terrible picture-taking conditions!

Super quiet morning at Island View beach.
No one else was around - might have had something to do with the pouring rain, the cold wind, or perhaps the early Sunday morning hour.

Just as well, though, because I had a couple of complete hooligans to contend with.

Cosmo on L, Cedar on R. Each has their own toy. For now.
They were absolutely wild this morning. You'd think they hadn't been for a walk in weeks, never mind that they had two walks - EACH, including training - yesterday.

"I have the ball, Cosmo. Na na-na boo boo."
They raced around like maniacs. Cedar taunting Cosmo. Cosmo grabbing her neck and tail. Cedar grabbing seaweed and shaking it. Cosmo trying to eat sand. Wrestling in the surf. Wrestling in the sand. Running. And running. And running some more.

Each heading for a separate piece of seaweed. Not sure where the toys are...
Scrawny Cedar. I'm not sure what she does with all the food she eats, but she looks like a stick figure dog.

Another dark photo with dark dogs - Cedar has the ball (L), Cosmo's sampling some seaweed.

Yes, when you run non-stop for half an hour it gets tiring, doesn't it Cedar??

"Not so tiring that I can't play keep away with the ball" says Cedar (Cosmo is oblivious in the background)

Cosmo - oblivious again, with his furry mane - trying to eat sand while Cedar chases the ball. Which is the brightest thing in this pic...
Cedar wasn't quite tired enough (or maybe over-tired??), and had to have an all-out, crazy-ass fit around the front lawn when we got home.

Needless to say, they're both fast asleep now after their baths, and I'm just about asleep after wrangling them plus vacuuming out the car (again) after breakfast.

Here's to some brighter days later this week for better dog shots!

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