Monday, December 30, 2013

29 Dec: Cedar turns two (!)

The plan for Cedar's birthday was to do a day trip over to Denman Island and visit one of our favourite beaches at Fillongley Park. It being the wet West Coast, however, we woke up to rain and decided it wasn't worth the ferry fare to be wet and chilly on a distant beach. Instead we went into the woods - no driving and lots of craziness on Cedar's behalf.

With moving and all the upheaval that goes along with it, we haven't been taking many photos. Well, to be honest, Dave hasn't been doing much photography - while I've been trying, my dog photos leave much to be desired (dogs move a bit faster than mushrooms and moss).

So yesterday Dave set out to get some pics of our beautiful two year old (where did the time go?) on her birthday romp - sans brother Cosmo, who had his own walk through the mud down to the river. (Note the pics are Dave's, just have my watermark because I Lightroomed them)

Why are you fiddling with that black box stuck to your face? Can't you see I'm ready to run?!
Is there something hanging out of my mouth? A maple leaf, you say? No, that wasn't me...

So my lip is stuck. Who cares? I'm still gorgeous (hahaha).

And there you have it, folks - the original Muppet face!
Squirrel? Bumper? Snack? Something looks good up there.
Chaaaaaarge! Happy girl with a happy face, always looks like she's yelling with joy.

Here's to a great third year for Cedar and all of us, and lots more pictures for the blog!