Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24 July: Fun Day at the Lake

Lately we've been doing a lot of field training, which is great for Cedar because she's figured out just how fun it is, and sort of good for Cosmo - though he'd rather be playing.

Sometimes dogs just need to be dogs and run around like mad to get the heebies out. This morning was a good day for a trip to the north end of Keho Lake, where the dogs could swim and run around in freshly-hayed grass. All off-leash, all the time - loads of fun!

Cedar entered the water from stage left with her customary enthusiasm:

Does this pose make my waist look tiny?

Bracing for impact, eyes on the toy...

Yup that's Cedar under there. Fastest dog in the west! lol

On land she was her whirling dervish self, happy to be racing around with toys at warp speed


Then there's Cosmo. He's been having a rough time with teething (though Cedar's been helping extract teeth - she found one of his molars this morning!). And he's often so overwhelmed by Cedar's enthusiasm that he doesn't take 'the plunge' and really go swimming. He'd swum once before, with Blazingstar's Tinbie, but hasn't really been excited about it.

Today was his day to change that! A while back we got this lighthouse toy, which Crazy & Little had 'reviewed' on their blog. It's fantastic! And easy to see in the water. Perfect for a new swimmer splasher like Cosmo.

Looks like he thinks he can walk on water...

Cosmo swimming. See his front paw reaching out really far, like he could push off on top of the water. *Sigh*...

Whoops! Head up little man, head up!

The black water shark reaches for the lighthouse toy with its toothless!

Yay Cosmo, look at you go!
Phew, that was hard work but I'm so excited my eyes are bugging out!

I'm a star, I know it. :)
By the end of the visit Cosmo was excited to get in the water and get the toy. And when I say 'excited', I don't mean off the charts, jumping and squeaking, body slamming excitement like Cedar. But more - yeah, let's do this excitement. :)

Until a butterfly came along and he had to chase it. That's our highly focused easily distracted boy!

I know it's around here somewhere - it just flew past my why can't I see that butterfly?