Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blazingstar girls in action

While we were out at visiting with Cedar, Liz & Andy were kind enough to give us a little demo of some of the basic field training with the wonderful ladies of Blazingstar: Lupine, Cava & Puffin. These are just a few pics of the girls practicing doubles:

The grand lady herself, Lupine

Monday, March 26, 2012

Butterball goes to Blazingstar...

...or "Does this collar make me look fat?"

We had a nice visit with Liz & Andy yesterday as they graciously allowed the 'city-folk' to bring their potbellied piglet young flatcoat pup out for a bit of socializing with the Blazingstar clan, and give us an intro to bit of field training with the lovely ladies of Blazingstar: Lupine, Cava & Puffin

Lupine tolerating 'the wingnut'

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 2012: Last beach day

One last trip to the beach for Cedar before we toodled 'inland' a bit before heading back home. A couple of morning laps up and down the beach to burn off a bit of the baby fat ;)

Warming up...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 2012: Beach redux

Cedar was up early this morning hopping around with her pail and shovel, obviously a hint for going back to the beach. We popped down around the corner and drove by Mom's old house and took a shot of her old (and aptly named) street sign:

Look familiar mom?

March 2012: Rest day

Cedar was pretty tuckered out with a lot of 'firsts' yesterday, so we decided to just hang around the cabin, take it easy, and drink a lot little wine.

Not much today, more just relaxing with the little girl and playing with the camera.

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakie...

March 2012: Beach Blanket Bingo in Parksville

After getting a little settled in with Cedar we packed up the family wagon and headed up Island a bit to Parksville for a little R'n'R, hang with the pup and give mom her house back :)

Cedar traveled great, just hopped in her crate and was quiet as a mouse. No 'green/queasy' look or hurling all over the dash like Tsuga used to like to do as a pup. This was good. We rolled into Parksville mid afternoon, just around the corner from where mom used to live...on Cedar Place!  We decided to carry her down to the beach and let her explore low-tide a bit.  
(click for bigger pics)

A little tentative at first (and chunky to boot!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 2012 - Snowstorm hits Victoria!!!

 Victoria and area got hit with this monster spring snow-storm while we were there. This was Cedar's first big snowfall with us and it was scary, however, she managed to pull through  ;)

The almost crippling 'white stuff' that just about paralyzed the poor girl.

Hmmm, it's not too bad, I can eat it!

Plowing through the huge Victoria drifts of snow (formerly: Snow Falling on Cedar)

March 2012: Working the camera (Week 10)

Cedar had a pretty good night, only up twice and back to bed without too much fuss. Pretty good gor her first night without mom and her siblings to cuddle up to.

She's settling in quickly and having a blast exploring new stuff. Another nice, non-rainy day (gasp!) so we headed back outside and tried to get some head shots for Lynn Cociani ( for a portrait of her to go along with the two Lynn is doing in memory of Tsuga & Jasper. A draft of Tsuga's print looks simply amazing!

So our little supermodel was hitting the poses, hopefully one of these will work:

Hmmm, I don't remember asking for the "I gotta poop" look...

A little better...

Much better Miss Wrinkly Nose  :)

"Digging in Granny's flower bed? Not me"

"Are we done yet?"

The 'Zipper' on the bridge of her nose.
This 'cosmetic defect' caused her to be passed over by a breeder who took a 'prettier' girl.

Yeah, that's what I think of that as well!

March 2012: Pleased to meet to you (Week 10)

We invaded my Mom's Butchart Gardens-esque house in Central Saanich for a couple of days to hang with Ma and get to know Cedar. Mom has a grate little 'safe' backyard that Cedar could explore and help with the gardening.

Venturing into the garden for the first time

Truckin' around and checking things out
Put to work, one leaf at a time

Coffee break "Leaf me alone"

Job done...

Helping Granny prune the reeds
ans nipping Azaleas in the bud

All in all she had a really good first day with her new humans as she started to come out of her shell and poke around the yard. A super stable disposition and very curious little girl. :)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

March 2012: Leaving the Eagletarn Nest (Week 9)

The last week of February (Week 9) was the last week Cedar spent at Eagletarn with her siblings. In the meantime, we were traversing some of our favorite haunts on our voyage west to pickup Cedar.

Kootenay Country: Heading out of Kaslo towards New Denver, BC

 After a beautiful drive through the snowy BC interior, we picked up Cedar on the 28th of February. She was hanging out with her brother 'Jax', who was staying on at Eagletarn, and and her sister 'Olive' who was leaving the day after.

Jax, Olive & Cedar

Cedar unties my shoe while Olive gets ready to bite my crotch, and yes puppy teeth can penetrate denim...and boxers.
After surviving the puppy onslaught, it was truly horrible as you could imagine, we made a run for it and just squeaked on the Ferry over to Vancouver Island where we would spend a week getting to Cedar before making the long trek back home.

February 2012: the Arrival of Miss Feisty

At this point Cedar is still known as 'Miss Yellow' or more recently  'Feisty Yellow' given her emerging character

**note to self: pay attention to foreshadowing

Week 5

Weigh day, Miss Yellow (aka Feisty) 

Just hangin' around...

January at Eagletarn: Hello Miss Yellow

This first set of photos is from ~Weeks 2-4 during the month of January 2012.
All photos up to 9 weeks are courtesy of Eagletarn

Week 2
Hangin' out on the whelping box

Sleepy little girl -  Jan 15th

~Week 4
Stacked: Jan 25th

Stacked: Jan 28th