Friday, February 01, 2013

1 February: Cave People

Blue sky and sun, definitely another good day for a walk out at Shelly & Steve's place. Unfortunately they couldn't make it this time, but we made the most of it (as did Cedar with the all-you-can-eat buffet of deer and coyote poo).

View from the top, heading down to the bottom (followed by some serious climbing back up again...). Notice the lack of snow.

The sun angle was perfect for some more 'cave art' shots

Cedar with super thin back legs!

Cedar getting a treat from a giant alien! (aka mum)

Our (prehistoric) family...

...complete with jumping Cedar lol!

Okay people, enough pics - let's get back to this whole walking thing (guess which figure is still taking pics...).

At the bottom of the hill we stopped to enjoy the scenery. Well, Cedar stopped to enjoy the 'snow spa'.

Ahhh, yes, a little to the the left...this hard snow does wonders for my dry skin.

After finishing her little polar rub, Cedar came up to join us on the grassy knoll

I luv you mum...wherz da treatz at?

Wet willy!!! (notice the lovely mud 'gel' Cedar has applied to her coat for maximum effect)

What, do I have something on my face?

I smell from this angle I look very clean.

I call it my mud makeup
After soaking up a few rays it was time to saunter across the flats and make the long trek back uphill

Slowly heading home - indistinct blobs on the coulee wall...

Next post - Rocky Mountain snow fun...