Monday, May 21, 2012

April: Springtime in Waterton

We've been aching for a quick trip to the mountains lately, but with a high snow pack and associated avalanche risks we decided to head out to Waterton and hike up the riverbed near the park entrance. A cool spring day for a mountain trip, that warmed up considerably when the Chinook wind hit us - 16 degrees by the time we got there!

It's cold in here

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April: Lovely Lupine

Still getting caught up! Cedar still hadn't had her final set of shots, so she was limited to where we could take her. Lucky for her we were heading out to Blazingstar today to for the 'great potato trade' with  Liz Saunders.

We'd gotten together with Liz and ordered enough potatoes between us to stop any future famines - that is another story in itself. Needless to say, Blazingstar won't be without potatoes this year!

We borrowed the lovely Lupine for a walk to the river while Liz finished up some work in the house.

Lovely Loopy coming to take us to the river