Tuesday, October 22, 2013

22 Oct: What Do They Look Like Now?

It's been pretty busy lately so not many dog pics.

Thought I'd do a short post (on a terrible internet connection), so family can see what the dogs - especially Cosmo aka The Lion - look like!

Cedar and her loooooong nose.
Cosmo and his big bulbous head (I'm kidding - he's a handsome boy!)

Cedar demonstrates her worm-rolling technique. Step 1: grind your head into it.
Step 2: boogie a little to get the sun on your underparts.
Get a good stretch going so you can cover maximum area with dead worm goop.
Cosmo was too busy trying to catch falling leaves to even bother with a dead worm.
Sometimes I call him 'Jasper' by mistake...such a calm (compared to Cedar!), hippie boy. :)

Cedar demonstrates her rock walking technique in Kootenay Park. Dave is feeling chilly lol.

Cosmo poses by the river. After he'd already been in it, so the temptation to get in was reduced...

Cosmo always thinks something better is going on in the distance - or perhaps he's just enjoying the view.

Black dogs in the sun, hard to photograph - but the sun was warming Dave up!
More pics in the next while!


  1. Great photos! Cosmo has sooo much coat! His brother Riggins also likes to chase blowing leaves... it was really gusty yesterday and he nearly had a nervous breakdown there were so many leaves blowing.. It was crazy on our walk... he actually knocked me down twice running behind me on leash...no more leash walks on windy days until the snow replaces the leaves lol!!!

    1. Well snow might not be much better! We had a hailstorm when we were in Victoria in September, happened just when I was finishing a walk with Cosmo. He went berserk, trying to catch all the hailstone bouncing on the road/sidewalk. Almost impossible to get him in the house, he was fixated on attacking all the hail!
      Sounds like Cosmo has more coat than his brothers. Will be fun to meet Jiggs & Mica and see how all 3 look together. :)

    2. Oh no... never thought about chasing snowflakes!! They are typical flatcoat boys acting like much younger puppies still :)