Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 Sep: Cosmo on the Beach

Taking Cosmo to the beach is a very different proposition than having Cedar on the beach. Where she's winging around, running constantly, checking everything out (and putting it in her mouth), swimming & then digging in the sand...Cosmo walks. Looks. Stands. Looks. And walks.

But if something catches his eye - bird, person, fluttering leaf - he's after it like a shot! Three double blasts on the whistle and he wheels around like a horse, rearing up and thundering back towards me. He does the same when something startles him. Like, oh, a rock in the water? (!!)

We were up with the birds again - no mist this morning, but lots of geese:

Geese cross in front of the sun

More geese, this time with no sun to burn my eyes out
 Also out at this time of day are the herons - one of my favourite birds.

The heron. Whom Cosmo was specifically forbidden from chasing.
Different angle on the heron, who was able to stay put without a black furball attacking him.
I wonder if Cosmo's standing and looking around is because he's unsure, or just absorbing his surroundings. I have quite a few shots like this:

Hmmm, what are those odd white squawking things bobbing in the water?
I smell something. Rotting seaweed?

Not so sure about the whole salt water thing...
Gauging how far it would be to swim to the mainland.
When I stop to take pictures, he'll often (okay, sometimes!) sit nicely next to me or in front of me for a shot.

Handsome boy!
The ocean looks even bigger from up here!
I'm kind of pathetic when I'm not sure about new environments
But then he sees a crow flapping, or a seagull taking off from the water, and suddenly it's okay to let his hair down (and he has lots of hair!)

Yeehaw - coming back to the whistle after chasing a crow
Growing up on the Prairie, any kind of topography is challenging
On the move - and still watching everything going on around him.

Look ma, I went swimming!
Yup, hair fully down and flying in this one...
Something about this sandbar was particularly exciting, lots of racing around having mini-crazies
Here I come! Cedar showed me how to make this crazy face
Unlike Cedar, who gets more (and more, and more) amped, Cosmo knows how to turn it off. He goes from crazy fits to sauntering through the water in 10 seconds flat.

Just truckin' along
Aren't I a good boy? :)

Another great morning on the beach, followed by a bath, massive dog wrestling, and both now completely crashed and sleeping soundly. Time for me to have a nap!

Cosmo and me, on the beach
My what big paws you have


  1. Looks like you guys are having a blast! I love that first pic! Gorgeous!

    1. Yup, we have pretty good morning walks. We all tend to sleep most of the afternoon, though. :)