Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 Sep: Is That a Dog Or A Running Sandpile (or 'Cedar at the Beach')

Cosmo was pissy tired this morning - didn't want to get up, almost asleep again after breakfast. So I decided to take Cedar out to the beach (two dogs + 1 handler on the beach is a no go, given all the interesting things to grab, chase, eat, bite, etc.)

It was a foggy morning down at Island View beach, and the sun was just coming up.

Trees floating above the mist
Sunrise on the West Coast

We were up with the birds - thankfully one of the things Cedar *doesn't* chase (Cosmo makes up for that deficiency)
Cedar's a beach maniac - she loves to race around like crazy on the sand and in the water

What's that black box on your face? You should be running, with me!

Cedar wuz here
Birds were here

Usually Cedar puts everything in her mouth. But now that she's becoming more mature (hahahahaha), she no longer gnaws barnacles off rocks, like these:

Tasty barnacles

She does still eat seaweed (not sure if this piece is going in or coming out...)

Mmmmm, salty...

And of course she found some horse poop as well as older, festering seaweed. Her favourite is rolling in smelly things, which I didn't get a shot of.

Sometimes she can actually stand (sort of) still:

Cedar with mum's shadow
I can't look at the camera, there's lots of water to swim in!
And she's off - blurry as per usual.
Checking out the water, it's K9 athlete Cedar!

Random beach wood architecture
Still life with hole-y wood

Still life with FLATCOAT and hole-y wood
Needless to say Cedar had a bath when we got home. And I vacuumed a pound of sand out of Margaret's car. And Cosmo was ticked off that he didn't get to go to the beach, so has been beating up on Cedar since we've been home.

Ahhh, kids. :)


  1. great pictures! love the wood architecture! would make a nice place to pictures of both dogs

    1. When I went back today it was gone! Washed away by the incoming tide I guess...

  2. Your right...off like a blur...but she seems to be having a great time!

    1. She's always having a great time, as long as she's free to run & explore. :)