Saturday, September 07, 2013

7 Sep: C & C Visit the Coast

I'm staying with Dave's mum in Saanichton for a while with the dogs, while Dave's still in Lethbridge. Of course he misses his dogs and family, so I promised to send some pictures.

The backyard here is tiny, so they go out (on leash) in the front yard. This morning they had a massively wild and crazy romp together in the woods, so weren't cooperating very well for an afternoon front yard photo shoot!

Here's what I got from my two (reluctant) models, who are now snoring away in their beds...

Cosmo shows his tiredness

I can't sit straight, my spine muscles are tired from running...

I can't even sit up anymore, I've used up all my energy and you didn't give me any treats

I'm soooooo hungry without treats that I've been forced to eat the leash!

Okay I'll do a half-sit/half-down, if I have to.

Don't laugh at my gangly legs!

Okay that's enough for me, I'm just going to collapse here on the lawn like a true model who hasn't eaten in days.

I couldn't resist a close-up for Cosmo's wavy coat!

ARE YOU DONE YET?? I'm ready for a nap (and I think Cyndi Lauper did my ears when I wasn't looking)
 Cedar was also tired, but with her it's more of a 'I'm not as intense as usual' rather than an actual 'off' switch. The gardeners from next door were walking by with loads of green waste, which was far more interesting than Mum with a black box pressed against her face.

Hmmm, I see a wheelbarrow of branches going by...I wonder if I could grab one and get back here without mum noticing.

Smells like slugs! And snails! And all sorts of oozy things that like the damp!

Wait, there go those wheelbarrows again...didn't see anything fall out, though. Disappointing

Oh, maybe they're going to talk to me! I should be ready to jump up on them and lick their ears.

The long view - Cedar has a very loooong body

Pretty girl, looking for her dad. :)
Hope to get some action pics in the next while for a more scintillating blog post!


  1. Replies
    1. yes! about 1/2" shy of Cedar's height, and 50lbs. he's going to be a big boy!

  2. Love your blogs! Cosmo is much better looking then Cyndi Laupar, and alot more fun. Sounds like you are having a good time on the island, Dave must be missing the dogs and Sarah.

    1. haha I'll tell Cosmo your Cyndi comment. :)

  3. Riggins lost his Cyndi Lauper look when he had his first ear trim last week, but still has a few crimps. Love the attempts at posing.. too funny... good thing that Dave's mum likes doggies! I posted a few more pics from last week to Flickr.

    1. We're very lucky Dave's mum likes dogs - even ones that terrorize her aging shitzu!

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